Polished Concrete Kitchen

A polished concrete floor from Ultra Grind will look fantastic in your new or existing kitchen. When stained and colored, polished concrete looks like expensive natural stone. Once it’s been sealed, it won’t need any upkeep and won’t show any stains. Because of its long lifespan and high efficiency, this material is ideal for radiant floor heating applications. 

There are no VOCs in polished concrete, unlike synthetic carpets and flooring materials such as hardwood and vinyl, making it safer for your kitchen. It also costs less than other floor options.

Polished Concrete Kitchen

Few flooring materials can rival the raw vitality of polished concrete when adding warmth to your kitchen’s vintage or industrial look. When paired with the proper furnishings, burnished concrete kitchen floors, fire hearths, and benchtops can make a massive difference to the look and feel of your whole kitchen and house. 

With Ultra Grind’s concrete interior design experts, you may get the look you’ve always wanted in your kitchen.

polished concrete kitchen

Our Kitchen Concrete Polishing Services

Your house will have a more visually appealing look with a freshly polished concrete kitchen floor, benchtops, and fire hearths with your own custom-selected ornamental design and style. As the top concrete provider in Melbourne and Bendigo, Ultra Grind can provide your dream kitchen’s polished concrete flooring.

Polished Concrete Kitchen Floors

Polished concrete kitchen floors do not fade and discolour with proper care. It is made by progressively polishing concrete surfaces with diamond-laced discs in heavy-duty polishing machines equipped with fine grits. 

For all of us at Ultra Grind, staying on top of the most recent global product design and development trends is a source of great pride. As a result, your mechanically exposed concrete kitchen floor will be durable and well-protected, with a stunning finish.

Polished Concrete Benchtops

The concrete texture is an excellent complement to any kitchen. Polished concrete countertops in high-traffic kitchens survive for years and look great doing it. They may be customised to fit your kitchen’s unique requirements. 

A concrete benchtop surface may imitate the pricey appearance of granite or marble without the associated expense.” Ultra Grind instals honed concrete benchtops in Melbourne and Bendigo houses.

Epoxy Concrete Finishes

The grinding and polishing of your home’s concrete floors may enliven and revitalise any kitchen flooring by using self-levelling epoxy. An epoxy concrete finish may be put over any new, old, cracked, or fractured concrete. 

Epoxy kitchen floors are available in different colours, making it easy to choose one that matches the decor of your house.

At Ultra Grind, we can assist you in achieving your choice of kitchen floor colour and shade, regardless of whether you want a matte, glossy, or patterned finish.

Why Get Polished Concrete?

Using polished concrete floors and benchtops in your kitchen is an excellent way to insulate a sustainable home and save money on heating and cooling costs with little effort. In addition to reducing energy consumption, grinding and polished concrete has other practical advantages. Concrete is a durable and low-maintenance material used in the kitchen.

polished concrete kitchen

Choose From Many Different Designs

Over the last two decades, polished concrete has slowly gained prominence as a modern home kitchen design feature, from the flooring and countertops to the fire hearths. When it comes to making a statement, polished concrete accomplishes it better than anything else. 

Concrete may be used in the kitchen in various ways, from bringing out its natural roughness to creating the appearance of quartz, granite, or marble.

Why Choose Ultra Grind?

When it comes to a magnificent yet low maintenance kitchen flooring, benchtops, and fire hearths, look no further, Ultra Grind is the leader in polished concrete kitchen flooring in Melbourne and Bendigo. We provide a wide range of concrete finishing options to suit your needs. Homeowners may rely on Ultra Grind to give the best kitchen polished concrete solutions in the region. 

Family Run and Owned

Ultra Grind, created and run by father and son Niall and Brett, specialises in polished kitchen concrete floors, benchtops, and fireplace hearths. They strive for excellence in their work, resulting in thousands of satisfied clients.

Decades of Professional Experience

It has been more than thirty years since Ultra Grind began polishing concrete. The Ultra Floor Premium polished concrete flooring we provide includes concrete floor repair and resurfacing, ornamental floor treatments, and custom-made concrete benchtops, among other services. We offer a wide range of attractive concrete floor coatings and overlays.

Professional Quality Guarantee

Ultra Grind has always set the standard for mechanically polished concrete floors. Ultra Grind goes to considerable measures to offer the best quality polished concrete. Ultra Grind customers should expect nothing but excellent outcomes and the best value.

We are perfectionists, and we make sure that the customer gets their money's worth. Ultra Grind is dedicated to producing the highest quality results.

Frequently Asked Questions

A multi-step process that includes mechanical grinding, polishing and honing a concrete floor’s surface using bonded abrasives are used to make polished concrete. It is then modified with each cut to attain the desired visual appearance.

Because it is such an excellent heat conductor, polished concrete is the material that should be used whenever a hydronic heating system is being installed. The end effect is a cosy and warm floor that sends out rays of warmth throughout the rest of your kitchen.

Densifying and polishing the concrete creates kitchen floors, benchtops, and fire hearths that are highly resistant to dust, oils, and other contaminants. Since polished concrete does not need sealants or waxes, it is often simpler to maintain than other materials.

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Ultra Grind is the leading provider of polished concrete in Melbourne and Bendigo. We provide an extensive selection of concrete finishing services for your kitchen to satisfy your polished concrete kitchen needs. We will design a concrete flooring solution for your kitchen and the rest of your house that meets your specifications. Please contact our Ultra Grind office if you are interested in polished concrete services.