Polished Concrete Floors Cost

Many factors influence the cost of polished concrete floors that you may not be aware of. The contractor, for example, has complete control over the equipment’s speed and motion, as well as the abrasives and sealants used. It’s also possible that the contractor has no control over factors such as concrete mix or floor levelness. 

Based on the kind of project and the cost of labour, concrete polishing cost per square metre in Melbourne might vary widely.

How Much Do Polished Concrete Floors Cost?

Polish concrete prices are affected by a wide range of variables. The pricing and design of the concrete are both influenced by its colour. The higher the cost, the more exposed the aggregate is. Matte finishes are the least costly, while high-gloss options are more durable.
polished concrete floors cost

Is a polished concrete floor expensive?

The cost of a polished concrete floor is determined by your location and the intricacy of the project. Pricing is also determined by how many layers of grinding are required to get a flat surface on the floor. The polished concrete cost might vary based on the aesthetic treatments used, such as staining or scoring. 

The easiest method to figure out how much you’ll spend is to get a quote from Ultra Grind, Melbourne’s leader in polished concrete driveway solutions, and start organising your budget.

Ultra Grind is the premier choice for polished concrete contractors in Melbourne and Bendigo. Concrete finishing is one of our many skilled services, and we can customise it to your unique needs. Your concrete requirements are special, and we collaborate with you to build a specific solution for the application and your property.

We provide a comprehensive variety of concrete finishing services in the commercial, industrial, and residential industries, such as:

Polished Concrete Benchtops

Maintenance Support

Fire Hearths & Furniture

Premium Grinding Solutions

the best polished concrete floor cost

How much does a polished concrete floor cost?

Because no two interior polished concrete floors are alike in the great majority of cases, additional factors that influence the ultimate cost include: 

Room size-Smaller floors tend to be more expensive due to the complexity and setup time necessary. The equipment may not fit in some instances, requiring extra human labour.

Room shape-Concrete floors with square or rectangular shapes are usually less costly than those with irregular shapes, such as sloping or curved surfaces.

Floor condition– Old or damaged concrete floors will need further work before the polishing process can be used.

Concrete polishing technique– includes grind and seal, honing, and mechanical polishing.

Polish level-A matte or low-lustre finish will be less expensive than a medium or high-gloss finish.

Concrete design-The patterns and colours of the concrete affects the cost.

Accessibility – The more accessible a concrete floor is, the less costly it will be.

Why Get Polished Concrete?

Because mechanically polished concrete floors are very durable, they can withstand heavy foot traffic and equipment for an extended time. It is virtually hard to chip or scratch, making it resistant to wear and tear. Reflectivity improves ambient lighting, minimises maintenance (such as waxing), and decreases tyre wear for specialised applications, resulting in significant energy and maintenance savings.

best-polished concrete floors cost

Are polished concrete floors worth it?

The degree of grinding necessary will determine the cost of any modern polished concrete floor. The price of a mild grind is less than that of a tough grind. By utilising a little grind and shine, you may obtain a nice-looking floor with the least labour and price.

the best polished concrete floors cost

A simple-to-clean flooring solution

Because of its outstanding hardness and longevity, as well as its simplicity of upkeep, this kind of flooring is excellent for households with dogs or places that see a lot of activity.
best polished concrete floor cost

A non-slip texture on a surface

Consider that you have a wide variety of options open to you. There are many alternatives for achieving the polished concrete type and style to fit your budget.

Types of Concrete Floor Polishing, We Offer

You must take into account factors such as exposure level while choosing a type of polishing concrete. How much of the original surface do you wish to remove, exposing the aggregate material? Distinct grit levels in the same way wood is sanded may be used to achieve different aesthetics in concrete.

If you’re looking for a polished concrete floor in the kitchen that will add a touch of luxury, you’ve come to the right place. Ultra Grind offers a wide range of polished concrete floors that are perfect for any home.

The three types of concrete floor polishing Ultra Grind is offering are:

Mechanically Polished Concrete

The most costly type of polished concrete, mechanically polished concrete, is often employed in large-scale commercial projects. Because it uses a chemical hardener or densifier that chemically interacts with the concrete, this approach is more durable and sustainable under intense foot activity. It is also ground using abrasives of extremely fine grit (800, 1500, or 3000) to get the appropriate smoothness and gloss. A mechanically polished concrete floor does not need to be repolished and is the most durable of the three ways.

Honed Concrete

Honed concreteis in the centre of the price range for polished concrete. Finer grit abrasives (100 to 400 grit) are also used to alter the look, resulting in a matte surface with variations in clarity ranging from low to medium or high shine. Penetrating sealers such as silicates, siloxanes, and silanes may be applied to the sharpened concrete. The sealers provide a chemical barrier that prevents chemicals and moisture from penetrating.

Grind and Seal

The least expensive option, grind and seal works by grinding the concrete to the necessary aggregate (50 to 100 grit) and sealing it with a non-penetrating cover. This seal polished concrete approach will last between 5 and 10 years and has a fair reflection and low shine. Grinding will eliminate any scratches or impurities in the concrete, while a top coat of urethane, acrylic, or epoxy will maintain the surface.

Choose Ultra Grind for Polished Concrete Floors

Ultra Grind is a family-owned business known for reliability, experience, and outstanding service. Niall and Brett are the company’s driving forces. We scrape, resurface, and restore concrete. Ultra Grind’s father-and-son team has polished concrete for three decades.

Ultra Floor Premium polished concrete flooring, concrete floor repair and refinishing, and bespoke concrete benchtops are some of our specialties.

Ultra Grind proudly follows worldwide product trends. Mechanical polishing protects and preserves our polished concrete floors. Low-maintenance polished concrete. Polishing hardens concrete, increasing its durability. Ultra Grind is the leader in polished concrete flooring in Melbourne. We offer the best-polished concrete services in the area.