Outdoor Polished Concrete

Outdoor polished concrete floors have grown in popularity in recent years. Even though it’s exceptionally low-maintenance and long-lasting, it also adds a modern, sleek, and minimalist style that suits practically any landscape design. Using polished concrete finishes in your outdoor living spaces provides several unexpected benefits. Concrete may be a significantly better option for outdoor flooring than the more typical materials.

Get Polished Concrete for Your Outdoor Area

Polished concrete flooring may liven up outdoor concrete slab flooring. We provide a diverse choice of outdoor flooring covers in Melbourne and Bendigo, including matte, glossy, and patterned choices. We take our job exceptionally seriously at Ultra Grind. As a result, our goods and services are always of the highest quality.

outdoor polished concrete

Experts in Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete may be left to its natural stone beauty or altered to seem like quartz, granite, or marble. Concrete is becoming more common outside of homes and businesses. Because of its varied appearance, polished concrete may be used in various exteriors. Ultra Grind is a Melbourne pioneer in the installation of polished outdoor concrete.

Residential Outdoor Polished Concrete

We provide a variety of bespoke concrete grinding, sealing, polishing, and surface prep services in addition to our residential outdoor polished concrete services. Ultra Grind is a Melbourne-based company that conforms to the strictest safety regulations. Every step of the way, premium quality results in unrivalled customer service.

Commercial Outdoor Polished Concrete

As a full-service company, we provide a wide range of commercial concrete grinding, polishing, and surface preparation services for outdoor spaces. Ultra Grind’s speciality is grinding polished and sealed concrete and epoxy floors, but we also do various forms of honed concrete grinding in preparation for installing other types of outdoor polished concrete surfaces. We can adapt our services to match your individual requirements and preferences.

Existing Concrete Polishing Services

Existing outdoor concrete is becoming more popular in the outdoor space of houses and businesses. Because of its adaptability, polished concrete may be constructed to complement a wide range of outdoor décor styles, from contemporary to industrial. Thanks to our significant expertise, Ultra Grind is the leading local provider of existing concrete polishing services in Melbourne and Bendigo.

Why Get Polished Concrete Outdoors?

As a fashionable option, polished concrete for outdoor use is becoming popular. Any outdoor driway and any area may benefit from a bright new look thanks to polished concrete. Flake Floor shading finishes such as matte, glossy, and patterned may be created via Ultra Grind. Polished concrete may seem like quartz, granite, or marble, depending on your preference.

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Non-slip and resistant to chemicals

For outdoor areas, our polished slip-resistant concrete surfaces are the finest in the market. Our polished concrete flooring offers outstanding non-slip ratings, even on damp days. Unsealed concrete floors are porous; however, chemical-resistant epoxy coatings may be applied to seal them and protect them against harsh alkalis, acids, and corrosion.

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Extremely durable and versatile

Because of their sturdiness and durability, outdoor polished concrete surfaces can withstand high levels of foot activity and large loads. It’s almost impossible to harm or scuff this material. It is now possible to achieve the look of a wide variety of more costly materials using colour and texture effects. Artwork and intricate engraving may be applied as well.

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Easy to clean and maintain

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, outdoor polished concrete floors are a joy to take care of. To prevent dirt from amassing in your house, the only thing you need to do to maintain it clean regularly is dust, sweep, or mop the floor. Clean the floor once a week with a wet mop to restore its sheen and remove any dirt or water stains that may have appeared.

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A range of finishes and designs

If you’re looking for a professionally-made polished concrete floor for the exterior of your home or business space, look no further Ultra Grind is here to help. Whether you like a matt, glossy, or patterned look for your outdoor floor, our outdoor polished concrete experts will get the job done with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Why Choose Ultra Grind?

Ultra Grind is Melbourne’s pioneer in outdoor polished concrete floor installation. We provide a variety of glossy concrete finishing solutions to meet your specifications. As a consequence, prominent interior designers use and suggest our outdoor polished concrete flooring solutions and custom-tailored applications when constructing outdoor concrete floors and epoxy. Ultra Grind provides the most durable and versatile outdoor polished concrete solutions in the area of Melbourne and Bendigo.

Family Run and Owned

Ultra Grind is the leader in outdoor polished concrete services owned and managed by a family with a strong sense of purpose and an unwavering commitment to quality. Since its inception in 2001, Ultra Grind has established the benchmark for others to follow in polished outdoor concrete.

Decades of Professional Experience

Niall and Brett, who work together as a father-and-son pair, have more than 31 years of experience in the field of polished concrete, both outdoors and indoors. This service package includes a variety of different types of concrete work, including concrete repair and resurfacing decorative floor finishes, one-of-a-kind concrete benchtops, and our very own Ultra Floor Premium polished concrete flooring system.

Professional Quality Guarantee

Ultra Grind attempts to give its clients only the most excellent outdoor polished concrete services. Customers can expect nothing less than exceptional results and the most acceptable value from Ultra Grind. Our outdoor floor professionals are perfectionists who provide their customers with the most value for their money.

Frequently Asked Questions

A burnished concrete floor can create a smooth transition between the inside and outside of your home. Contrary to popular belief, concrete does not become slippery when it is polished. It may be utilised safely in a garden, even when wet as a low-slip surface.

Grind and seal cement flooring has a similar appearance to polished concrete. It is the process of grinding a concrete floor and then applying a clear coating of epoxy plus urethane or simply epoxy, depending on your budget and aesthetic requirements.

Grind and seals imitate the appearance of polished concrete. Instead of being polished till it sparkles, the concrete is crushed to 60 or 80 grit and then covered with epoxy. This seal not only makes your concrete sparkle, but it also has a slew of additional advantages such as:

  • More affordable
  • Installation time is reduced
  • Watertight
  • Shiny
  • Slip Resistant
It is a common misconception that polished concrete surfaces are slick and cannot be walked on without sliding. That isn’t always true when wet, polished concrete floors, despite their look, are not as slippery as glass.

Yes, you may surround your pool with polished concrete. At first glance, honed concrete poses a substantial sliding risk, yet it provides enough friction to prevent mishaps near swimming pools. It is no slicker than another hard flooring. When you add water to it, it becomes slippery, just like any other hard surface. Consequently, for outdoor use, we recommend the Honed (only matte) or Grind and Seal finishes (matte or gloss).

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Our Ultra Grind outdoor polished concrete professionals can travel to work from two accessible places at any time. The Bayside neighbourhood of Melbourne is home to the headquarters of our polished concrete flooring company. Country homes around Victoria are serviced by our Bendigo-based family-owned company. Please call Ultra Grind at 0409848386 for a free quote on polished concrete floor services for your outdoor property.