Polished Concrete Finish

Polished concrete floors are progressively being used in commercial and residential buildings because of their sense of refinement and elegance. One of the key reasons for its appeal is that it can be used for various roles while still appearing fantastic. 

A polished concrete floor may be shaped into various forms and unique design patterns, allowing you to utilise a wide range of colour palettes and tones. Simply said, a house or company lacking beautiful flooring is missing an essential architectural aspect.

Which Type of Polished Concrete Finish is Right for You?

To get the look you want out of your concrete flooring, you’ll need to plan ahead of time. Consulting a knowledgeable concrete professional at the inception of your project will help you get the exact look you want for your property. Don’t hesitate to contact Ultra Grind if you have any questions regarding concrete surfaces and textures.

polished concrete finish

Classic Polished Concrete

One of the simplest types of concrete flooring is classic polish. Concrete floors in this area are not ground or honed; they are polished using diamond pads to bring out the material’s inherent hue. Since the concrete is not being removed from the floor, the natural variation and texture of the newly poured concrete will remain on display, lending the surface a visually pleasing appearance. 

In addition, the natural appearance of this polished concrete flooring is particularly appealing to consumers, especially those who like modern construction. Staining concrete is another option for improving the appearance of your floor. But the concrete floor must be smooth and undamaged to get the best finish. If the surface is not flat, grinding will be required. 

Traditional polished concrete floors may only be installed over newly poured concrete that has not yet been stained or scratched. Thus, the final look is quite sensitive to the concrete mix and pouring method. 

Exposed Polished Concrete

Aggregates are the varied sizes of rocks and sand used in construction projects. An exposed polished concrete finish is obtained by vigorously grinding the concrete surface until the desired aggregate exposure is achieved. 

Grinding the concrete removes its outer layer, revealing the more prominent, irregular aggregate inside the concrete slab. A surface with exposed aggregate has the appearance and traction of a granite slab. Furthermore, it is resistant to both extreme weather and considerable foot traffic. 

Depending on their geological origin, the colours of the pebbles vary from earthy brown tones to more exotic colours like rose quartz and red granite. You may always use decorative aggregate if you want to add a personal touch to your concrete flooring. The most popular choices are granite, quartz, limestone, basalt, sea shells, and coloured glass. 

Matte, Semi-Gloss or High Gloss Finish?

Concrete floors are honed and polished using progressively finer diamond grit to get the required amount of gloss or shine. The gloss level increases as the diamond grit size decrease. You may choose a matte, semi gloss, or high gloss finish.

Matte Finish

A matte finish might be the best option for your property if you're going for an industrial style or rustic feel. A more natural appearance is a growing trend in commercial and residential design buildings and garages. It is simple to clean and won't show dirt as quickly, making it a fantastic choice for settings like warehouse floors. Floor flaws are less noticeable on matte surfaces because of this.

Semi-Gloss Finish

Semi-gloss is a popular choice since it resembles a high-gloss finish visually but is less of a maintenance hassle. Even though flaws may be seen, a semi-gloss finish provides a considerable amount of shine and light reflection.

High Gloss Finish

Polished floors are popular in high-end houses and businesses because of their "wow" factor. Because dirt and debris are more evident on high-gloss floors than on other types, they must be cleaned regularly. Because of the depth of the polish, high-gloss coatings give the most reflection of light and the fewest flaws. As a result, flooring with a mirror-like appearance is an excellent alternative for any space that requires more light.

Types of Concrete Floor Polishing We Offer

Since its inception in 2001, Ultra Grind has been a forerunner in the burnished concrete business. Our concrete polishing services achieve a perfect, sealed sheen that is unrivalled in the industry. Our company offers a wide variety of concrete services, including but not limited to resurfacing and repairs, decorative floor treatments, custom concrete benchtops, and our patented Ultra Floor Premium polished concrete flooring system.

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Choose Ultra Grind for Polished Concrete Floors

Ultra Grind in Melbourne offers the finest low-maintenance polished concrete flooring in Melbourne and Bendigo. The majority of modern buildings have polished concrete floors and customised solutions. 

For 31 years, family-owned Ultra Grind has been polishing the best concrete floors, guaranteeing you receive your money’s worth every time. Ultra Grind floor specialists that pay attention to detail always make a difference. For a free quote on polished concrete floors, call Ultra Grind at 0409848386.