Interior Polished Concrete Floors

An interior polished concrete floor finish may transform your property’s existing concrete floors into a low-maintenance, durable flooring option. Polished concrete flooring is a popular design feature in many contemporary homes and garages. Thermal sinks like these can help keep your home or business at a constant temperature no matter what the weather is like outside.

Polished Concrete Installation and Design

Concrete floor installation and finishes provide many benefits in addition to lowering energy usage. Concrete can endure a lot of harm while needing little maintenance outside your property. With so many designs and patterns to pick from, you will surely be pleased with the result. Allow Ultra Grind to take care of your honed concrete interior needs.

interior polished concrete floors

Interior Polished Concrete Services

Interior polished concrete floors give existing concrete slab flooring a fresh, new feel. In Melbourne and Bendigo, we provide matte, glossy, and patterned floor shading. Concrete may be left to its natural beauty through aggregate exposure or altered to seem like quartz, granite, or marble. 

The popularity of concrete flooring material in homes and businesses is growing. With its versatile look, a burnished concrete surface may be applied to an existing slab in residential, business, and industrial interiors.

Residential Interior Concrete Floors

By progressively polishing it with diamond-impregnated segments or discs in heavy-duty polishing equipment with increasingly fine grits and sealed using a concrete sealer, Ultra Grind may turn your old residential concrete flooring into stunning polished concrete. As a result, your mechanically polished concrete will be completely protected and shiny.

Commercial Interior Concrete Floors

Our company specialises in installing concrete floors for commercial interiors, but in addition, we do other kinds of concrete grinding work in preparation for putting down different types of concrete surfaces. Please let us know if you have specific requirements or inclinations that you would want us to accommodate, and we will modify our services accordingly.

Custom Design Polished Concrete

Interior polished concrete floors are becoming more popular in residential and commercial settings. Polished concrete flooring may be designed to match various interior design styles, from modern to industrial. We can meet all of your polished concrete requirements. Ultra Grind is the top local supplier of polished concrete in Melbourne and Bendigo because of our extensive experience.

Choose Interior Polished Concrete for your Property

Because polished interior concrete flooring is so durable, it can resist high foot traffic and the weight of heavy equipment in a warehouse environment. It is difficult, if not impossible, to chip, scratch, or otherwise damage polished interior concrete floors installed by Ultra Grind.

best interior polished concrete floors

Non-slip and resistant to chemicals

When placed on damp or spill-prone concrete surfaces, a non-slip epoxy coating may provide texture while also avoiding slips and falls. Polished interior concrete floors are highly resistant to harsh chemicals and corrosion.

Interior Polished Concrete Floors

Extremely durable and versatile

Polished interior concrete surfaces can endure considerable foot traffic and heavy machinery since they are sturdy and long-lasting. It is very tough to scratch or damage. Colour and texture effects may now mimic the appearance of a wide range of more expensive materials. Intricate engraving and stencilled works of art may also be included.
best interior polished concrete floor

Easy to clean and maintain

Interior polished concrete floors are effortless to keep clean. The only thing you need to do daily to keep your property clean is to dust, sweep, or mop the floor. Mop the floor with a moist mop once a week to restore its lustre and remove any dirt or water stains that have formed.

the best interior polished concrete floor

A range of finishes and designs

Ultra Grind will assist you if you need a custom made interior polished concrete floor for your property. Whether you like a matt, glossy, or patterned appearance for your new floor, Ultra Grind has a variety of finishes and patterns to meet your needs. We are always here to assist you!

Why Choose Ultra Grind?

Ultra Grind, the pioneer in residential interior polished concrete flake flooring, now serves residents in Melbourne and Bendigo. We provide a variety of interior polished concrete finishing alternatives to meet your demands. As a result, interior designers are increasingly suggesting our polished concrete flooring solutions and custom-tailored applications for contemporary homes. Residents of Melbourne and Bendigo may depend on Ultra Grind for the best interior polished concrete solutions in the area.

Family Run and Owned

Ultra Grind is an interior polished concrete family-owned company with a strong sense of purpose and unshakable devotion to quality. An industry standard for polished interior concrete was developed by Ultra Grind in 2001. Concrete interiors are painstakingly polished by our team to produce a pristine finish unmatched by our competitors.

Decades of Professional Experience

Niall and Brett have been polishing concrete interiors as a father-son partnership for three decades. This service package includes concrete repair and resurfacing, decorative floor finishes, distinctive concrete benchtops, and our very own Ultra Floor Premium polished concrete flooring system.

Professional Quality Guarantee

Every effort is made to ensure that Ultra Grind's clients get only the best interior polished concrete products on the market. Ultra Grind's customers can expect nothing less than the most remarkable results and the best value. Clients appreciate our Ultra Grind interior polished floor professionals because they are detail-oriented perfectionists.

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes a lot of time and effort and a lot of preparation. When it comes to constructing a polished concrete floor, timing is essential. Getting the timetable incorrect might need a complete overhaul of the project. Depending on the size and condition of the space, it might take anywhere from three to six days to complete.

For both indoor and polished outdoor concrete, Ultra Grind has you covered. If you want your outside concrete polished to your specifications, we can accomplish it. Mechanically Polished Concrete is not often recommended for outdoor use since it may become slick when wet. This may be avoided by using honed concrete in these locations.

Unfortunately, there is a widespread misperception that polished concrete is dangerous to walk on because of the risk of slipping and falling. That doesn’t always hold true. Even though polished concrete looks like glass, it doesn’t become slippery when wet.

With appropriate maintenance, Mechanically Polished Concrete will not fade or discolour. However, grind and seals or any other kind of sealer that does not have a UV stable layer on the surface will eventually discolour and may lift, crack or peel.

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