Polish Existing Concrete Floor

Your existing concrete floor may be refinished to your satisfaction by grinding and polishing it to a high shine. This might be a wiser option than putting a brand-new slab on top of an existing one. Although a brand new look is attainable, the slab’s condition will affect the final floor’s appearance. 

Ultra Grind utilizes specialized equipment and proven techniques to remove undesirable surfaces such as tiles, carpets, and adhesives to expose the concrete slab underneath. If the slab is suitable, it may be honed to create a beautiful floor.

Can You Polish My Existing Concrete Floor?

Polishing existing concrete floors using heavy equipment and specialized diamond tools is not a do-it-yourself process. Hiring a concrete polishing company like Ultra Grind will benefit your project. Since we have been polishing existing concrete floors for over three decades, we know exactly what to do and have the proper equipment to do it perfectly.

Polish Existing Concrete Floor
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Polishing New Concrete Floors

Today, an infinite number of colour and texture effects may replicate the appearance of hundreds of more expensive materials. Additionally, ornate engravings and stencilled images may be added to the surface of new concrete floors. A newly polished concrete floor with a custom-selected pattern provides your home with an aesthetically superior appearance. 

There is no need for a precise mix design while installing new concrete flooring. Polishing may commence once the floor has been prepared for at least 28 days. A foundation that is as smooth as possible is critical to decreasing the number of polishing treatments required.

Polishing Old Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors achieve ROI by considerably decreasing energy and maintenance expenses of your business property flooring through reflection that enhances ambient lighting, reduces maintenance (such as waxing), and visual superiority and cleanliness. 

The existing concrete slab is ground to a satiny, level surface to provide a high-gloss appearance. The fractures and faults in the final polished concrete floor provide character. The surface must be washed before polishing to eliminate dirt, oil, coating, or flaws. Concrete polishing may not be a realistic solution for existing concrete floors with undulating patterns or substantial damage. A professional contractor can typically select whether or not a floor is suitable for your requirements.

Pros of Polishing Existing Concrete Floors

As with any other flooring material, polished concrete floors offer a variety of attributes that have led to its increase in favor as a home flooring choice. 

You’ll need the help of a burnished concrete specialist like Ultra Grind if you want to bring your old concrete floor back to life. Polishing your already-existing concrete may provide a number of advantages, some of which are listed below:

Floors will be more durable overall.

Polished concrete floors can resist the weight of high foot traffic and heavy loads due to their exceptional strength and longevity. It is very resistant to harm and virtually impossible to chip or scratch. Nothing can really ruin it.

Polishing will make them slip-resistant and spill-resistant.

When applied to sections of concrete that are prone to wetness or spills, a non-slip epoxy coating provides texture to the surface and has the potential to minimize slips and falls. 

Your floors will have an increased lifespan.

Even under the worst conditions, a well-constructed, sealed and maintained modern polished concrete floor may be expected to last at least 100 years. Other floor coverings, like carpet, vinyl tile, and wood laminate, have a shorter lifetime. There is no need to remove and replace old or damaged flooring, which saves money in the long run.

If you already have a concrete slab, you may save money on most configurations by staining, polishing, or putting a decorative finish or overlay. Installing a new floor isn’t necessarily less expensive than maintaining an existing one, especially when you factor in the expenses.

Cons of Polishing Existing Concrete Floors

During repairs or restorations, if an existing concrete slab surface is uncovered, a new concrete slab may be poured directly on top of it. Removing the existing slab is tedious, time-consuming, and challenging; covering it may be more efficient. 

If you choose this road, you must plan your project well before you begin to avoid problems.

polish existing concrete floors

It will affect the height and depth of your polished concrete floors.

Adding a second layer of concrete to the existing concrete floors will raise the surface by several inches. This might be a problem if you cannot open doors or the floors are not correctly aligned with stairs and other structures. When the floor is finished, this misalignment may provide tripping hazards.

polished concrete floor

Your polished concrete floors may require more maintenance.

If the new slab is placed on top of the old one, water damage or frost heave is more likely to develop when freezing conditions force water under the surface to freeze, expand, and push the concrete up – something to consider if you live in a colder region.
polish concrete floors

It will only be as strong as the surface beneath it.

When pouring a new concrete slab on top of an old structurally sound concrete floor, the quality of the new slab will only be as good as the quality of the slab beneath. The quality of your new surface is directly correlated to the quality of the slab that supports it.

Types of Concrete Floor Polishing We Offer

We at Ultra Grind take great pride in our commitment to lifelong learning and abreast of the latest product design and development trends throughout the world. This implies that your polished concrete will be well-protected and given the most fabulous finishes. Ultra Grind offers a broad range of concrete polishing services to the residential, commercial, and industrial markets, including: 

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Choose Ultra Grind for Polished Concrete Floors

Ultra Grind is a family-owned company with a stellar reputation for dependability, expertise, and unmatched customer service. With over 31 years of combined expertise in concrete grinding, resurfacing, and restoration, the father-and-son duo Niall and Brett are the driving force behind the business. 

If you’re looking for concrete grinding and polishing services in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful staff. Please contact us if you’d like additional information or an estimate on our concrete grinding services. Please connect with us so that we may provide you with details about the services we provide.