Polished Concrete Floors

So, why are polished concrete floors so popular in commercial settings, warehouses, and even private homes? When built and maintained correctly, honed concrete floors are durable and may last for more than a century, even when exposed to high traffic. There are no other flooring solutions that can compete with mechanically polished concrete slab flooring in terms of durability.

Leading Concrete Polishing Services

An amateur installation may result in a damaged floor and a pricey, difficult-to-clean mess. Hiring a professional may relieve the stress of concrete polishing. As the top Concrete Flooring Solutions Provider in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area, Ultra Grind can provide you with peace of mind.


Modern Polished concrete flooring can change a porous floor into tightly sealed and solid enough to resist water penetration, preventing it from permeating the concrete surface. Polished concrete’s light-reflecting characteristics make it ideal for indoor spaces. Reduce energy costs, improve safety, and give your house the best possible light by improving ambient lighting.

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Polished concrete achieves ROI by considerably decreasing energy and maintenance expenses of your business property flooring and driveway through reflection that enhances ambient lighting, reduces maintenance (such as waxing), and visual superiority and cleanliness.

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Concrete floors need to be polished or coated with epoxy to prevent spills and accidents. The porous nature of concrete makes it vulnerable to the penetration of oils, chemicals, and other liquids. To make your floor impervious to any chemicals or substances it may come into touch with, consider using Ultra Grind as a solution. As a result, your factory or warehouse will be more hygienic, secure, and conducive to work.

Why Get Polished Concrete?

Concrete polishing is an excellent way to insulate a sustainable home or place of business and save money on heating and cooling costs with little effort. 

The practical benefits of polishing concrete extend well beyond its energy efficiency. Whether in the kitchen, storefront, garage, or factory, concrete is resilient and needs minimal maintenance. The greater the initial investment, the longer the flooring will endure.

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A Range of Incredible Designs to Choose From

When it comes to flooring alternatives, concrete may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Concrete, long relegated to foundations and hidden underwood or carpet, is making a comeback as a stylish material in its own right. 

Grinding and polishing concrete can brighten and refresh any interior space. If you want a matte, glossy, or patterned flake floor color, we can help you accomplish it.

Why Choose Ultra Grind?

Ultra Grind is your go-to company in Melbourne and Bendigo for polished concrete solutions. A variety of polished concrete finishing services are available from us to meet your specific requirements. Your polished concrete flooring demands are unique, and we work with you to create a solution tailored to the application and your property. 

Ultra Grind is the premier Burnished Concrete Solutions Provider for Residential, Commercial, and Manufacturing industries in the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

Family Run and Owned

Ultra Grind, a family-owned and -operated business, specialises mainly in polished concrete. They are motivated and passionate about attaining excellence in their job and everything they do.

Decades of Professional Experience

With over three decades of combined expertise in concrete polishing, the father-and-son team at Ultra Grind are the finest in the industry. Ultra Floor Premium polished concrete flooring is one example, as are repair and resurfacing concrete floors, ornamental floor finishes, and bespoke concrete benchtops. There are also many decorative floor covering options available.

Professional Quality Guarantee

Because of Ultra Grind's pioneering work in polished concrete and epoxy flooring, the company's standards have always been above par. Ultra Grind makes considerable efforts to guarantee that the concrete is polished to an unmatched standard.
Ultra Grind is a meticulous company focused on providing its customers with exceptional outcomes and outstanding value.

Frequently Asked Questions

A multi-step technique that gives a concrete floor a polished look is used to polish concrete. This method includes mechanically grinding, honing, and polishing the surface of a concrete floor using bonded abrasives. Following that, it is improved more with each cut to get the desired overall degree of appearance.

Because polished concrete is such an outstanding heat conductor, it should be used whenever a hydronic heating system is set up. The ultimate result is a cosy and inviting floor that radiates warmth throughout the rest of your home.

Even when wet, the polished concrete floors are much more slip-resistant than either tile or wood. A shiny or honed concrete surface lowers company owners’ liability and insurance expenses by reducing the risk of slips and falls. 

The addition of durable and attractive polished concrete floors may increase the visual appeal of any outdoor space. Despite its UV-resistance and UV-repellent shiny finish, it manages to be both subtle and trendy.

In restrooms and locations with more spills, polished concrete floors may age differently. Standing water or very acidic substances like urine may damage polished concrete, still considered a porous surface. Surface etching may harm the sealer and alter the surface profile, allowing stains to remain.

To create a polished concrete floor, a chemical hardener that increases the density of porous cement is applied. Next, precision tools are used to grind and seal the concrete to the desired degree. The final result is referred to as polished concrete flooring.

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For polished concrete in Melbourne and Bendigo, go no further than Ultra Grind. We provide a wide range of concrete finishing services to satisfy your individual needs. Each customer’s concrete flooring requirements are different, and we work together with you to develop a solution that meets your specific requirements.

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