Epoxy Flooring

What if you were looking for commercial or industrial flooring with everything you could desire? One that could survive the test of time, one that would look beautiful and be functional for generations to come, and one that was also relatively affordable? Polished concrete floors may seem too attractive to be true, yet they are everything of the above and more.

Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Epoxy flooring is gaining popularity because many facility managers prefer epoxy-coated concrete floors over treated concrete floors. You need a professional epoxy flake floor solutions company for your home, commercial, and industrial epoxy flooring needs.

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A Complete Range of Epoxy Flooring Solution

Ultra Grind Concrete Floor Solutions offers concrete repair and resurfacing, decorative floor treatments, distinctive concrete bench tops, and our Ultra Floor Premium polished concrete flooring system.

Residential Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring is a snap to keep clean. None of your epoxy floorings will be harmed by sweeping or mopping them. For this same reason, most garage owners choose epoxy flooring. Traditional concrete garage flooring absorbs any spills and leaves behind a permanent stain if they’re made of this material. After a fall, you wipe the epoxy floor clean and continue working on your project.

Commercial Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Resin flooring provides a sense of polished sophistication and style for commercial kitchens. They may be adapted to any style and offer a smooth, seamless finish. It’s simple to see the advantages of having a great sense of aesthetics. Appearances are important when you enter a business or the building of a possible client. Epoxy flooring has a strong visual appeal, and you and your clients are sure to fall in love with it.

Warehouse Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors protect industrial warehouse floors from scuffs to cracks. In Warehouses, Epoxy flooring floors stay intact when exposed to heavy-duty equipment dragged over the floor of a busy warehouse every day. Hundreds of personnel may traverse the warehouse floor in a typical week. A damage-free floor is essential for worker safety.

Epoxy for Interiors

Glossy, classy, sleek and smooth, there’s much that a epoxy floor coating has to offer in the home and office. Its bright aesthetic can be used to freshen up any type of interior space. 

If you want your interior space to look like it’s paved with marble, with flooring as durable and low-maintenance as concrete, while still keeping a smooth and safe surface for your family or commercial environment – then what you’re after is concrete epoxy coating.

With the versatility of how exposy resin can be applied, epoxy floors can range from being unobtrusively in the background to a vibrant surface that adds energy to the room. For any style of interior decor, there’s a type of epoxy flooring that can be made to match.

With all of these benefits and more, it’s hard to turn down epoxy floor coating, which explains why you’re seeing them more and more in people’s homes and businesses.

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What Are Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy floor coatings are concrete floors coated with a resin that hardens to create a smooth, seamless finish. It’s applied over existing concrete floors and makes the floor more durable, moisture resistant, and changes the overall look and feel of the floor. 

The most basic definition of epoxy flooring specifies a flooring surface that has at least two millimetres of epoxy applied to a floor. When comparing epoxy floors with epoxy floor coatings, confusion is common. Epoxy floors are at least two millimetres thick, which makes them different from other types of epoxy flooring. The term “epoxy floor coating” typically refers to any epoxy floor that is less than two millimetres thick.

Why Get an Epoxy Floor?

One of the most durable and adaptable options for concrete surface floors is epoxy flooring, often known as resinous flooring. Epoxy flooring’s tolerance to high degrees of wear and tear makes it one of the most long-lasting solutions available for flooring.
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Hard Wearing and Spillage Resistant

Extreme durability is the most sought-after feature of epoxy flooring, so it is so prevalent in garage installations

The chemical resistance of epoxy flooring extends to motor oil, gear oil, gasoline, bleach, acids, and several solvents.

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Applies Directly Over Concrete

Epoxy Floors employ self-levelling epoxy to be applied over new, old, cracked, or broken concrete floors to produce a smooth, resilient, and even texture on the surface. In addition to its smooth, seamless appearance, epoxy floors are available in a wide range of suitable colours for commercial, industrial, and residential areas.

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Non-Slip Floor Covering

People may be concerned about the slickness of polished concrete since it is so slippery. If people’s safety is an issue, a non-slip epoxy coating may provide the proper degree of roughness to the concrete’s surface. Polished concrete floors may be completely safe if they are adequately coated.

Why Choose Ultra Grind?

Ultra Grinding is the leading provider of Epoxy Flooring Solutions in Melbourne and Bendigo. We provide a range of epoxy flooring finishing treatments to accommodate your individual needs. Your requirements for epoxy flooring are unique, and we work with you to develop a customised solution for the application to your flooring.

Family Run and Owned

Ultra Grind is a family-owned and operated business that specialises in polished concrete and epoxy flooring solutions. They are motivated by a love for their work and an unyielding pursuit of excellence.

Decades of Professional Experience

The father-and-son team of Ultra Grind, Niall and Brett have more than 31 years of expertise in polished concrete, concrete repair, and epoxy flooring. This includes concrete repair and resurfacing, ornamental floor finishes, bespoke concrete benchtops, and Ultra Floor Premium polished concrete flooring system. Decorative floor treatments are also available.

Professional Quality Guarantee

Since its founding in 2001, Ultra Grind has been at the forefront of the burnished concrete and epoxy flooring industries, constantly raising the bar higher for competitors to meet. We polish the concrete so high that it achieves a new, sealed gloss that no one else can match.
As perfectionists, Ultra Grind is committed to creating extraordinarily high-quality results and ensuring that their clients get excellent value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy flooring is a mix of polymer resins and hardeners applied to concrete flooring. This creates a smooth, shiny surface that is durable, spill, stain and slip-resistant, and visually impressive.
An epoxy coating makes your concrete flooring a high-performance, smooth, long-lasting surface that can sustain heavy loads. Epoxy flooring keeps industrial sites, warehouses, and commercial buildings clean and safe. Non-slip and easy-to-clean properties make it ideal for garage flooring.
Epoxy flake flooring may be more expensive at first, but it’ll save you money in the long run because of its durability. As a result, it’s a more affordable option. Your choice may also be influenced by aesthetics and design. Classic design choices include tile because of the wide range of colours and patterns available.
Epoxy flooring is often the material of choice for a residential garage floor. Its non-slip and easy-to-clean qualities make it an excellent choice for your garage flooring.
A glazing coat is often applied to tile surfaces. This coating may prevent the epoxy from sticking correctly. As a result, the surface should constantly be sanded and ground to remove the tile glazing. Roughness and scuffs are desirable on the surface. In addition, a penetrating epoxy primer with a low viscosity should be used.

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