Burnished Concrete Floors

Burnished concrete floors are a unique product that, when done right, can make any room look more modern. However, burnished concrete is a complicated process that requires a company with the knowledge and experience to produce high-quality results.

What is Burnished Concrete?

Burnished concrete driveway and floors are one of the hottest trends in home and commercial design today, as they provide a high-end appearance that can be used for residential or commercial projects. 

This type of finished floor involves polishing the top layer off your concrete flooring to reveal its natural beauty, creating an expensive-looking polished concrete floor you’ll love showing off.

burnished concrete floors

Where Can I Use Burnished Concrete?


Burnished Concrete floors are an excellent choice for commercial applications. The epoxy flooring comes in various colors, textures, and styles to suit your business’s needs. Concrete is a durable type of flooring that can handle heavy traffic in high-traffic areas such as retail stores and restaurants.

It’s also an ideal material for warehouses and garages because polished concrete floors are easy to clean, stain proof, and resilient.


From basements to bathrooms and kitchens, there are many places where you might find yourself needing a concrete surface inside the home! Not only do these surfaces look great, but they’re also incredibly durable no matter what size they’re used on.

What are the Advantages of a Burnished Concrete Floor?

Burnished concrete floors are durable, low maintenance, and easy to clean. These floors are also fire-resistant and stain-resistant. It’s no wonder so many business owners worldwide choose this option for their establishments. 

Here are some of the advantages of a honed concrete floor:

burnished concrete floor


Burnished concrete is made from natural materials. It can withstand heavy foot traffic without showing signs of wear like other types of floors do over time.
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Stain Resistance

In addition to being strong enough to withstand wear and tear, burnished concrete floors also resist stains from liquids such as oil spills or grease stains that would make other types of flooring more challenging to clean after an accident in your building (e.g., a spill).
the burnished concrete floor

Low Maintenance Requirements

As with any type of concrete finish used on surfaces around buildings today, burnished concrete requires little-to-no maintenance once appropriately installed under most circumstances; however, there may be certain cases where additional care might be necessary depending upon how often individuals walk across them every day.

What are the Disadvantages of a Burnished Concrete Floor?

Although a burnished concrete finish floor has many advantages, there are also some disadvantages.


The cost of having your concrete professionally burnished can be expensive depending on how much work needs to be done and the size of the area being covered.


Another disadvantage is that the concrete polishing process is labor-intensive and can take some time for large jobs. It also requires a certain amount of skill from whoever does it, so if you're looking for something quick, this may not be useful.


The burnishing process can also be messy, so if you have young children or pets in your house, they may not appreciate having their play area turned into an impromptu workshop (or worse!). If this is an issue, perhaps you should consider another type of flooring altogether?

Are Burnished Concrete Floors Worth It?

Yes, they are. Concrete floors have many advantages over wood and other materials. They are easy to clean and maintain, can be used in spaces that might get a lot of foot traffic (like commercial spaces or public areas), and come in various colors and finishes. 

Burnished concrete is also an excellent option for residential spaces because it can be used indoors or outdoors without losing any durability or strength characteristics—plus, if you’re looking for something with some visual interest but won’t be using your space regularly (such as an indoor porch), then burnished concrete may be the best choice for you!

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How Do You Create Burnished Concrete Floors?

The process is not complicated but requires some hard work and time. First, you will need to clean the floor with high-pressure, cold water cleaner. This will also help dislodge any dirt or grime on the surface of your concrete floor before you begin burnishing it. 

Once that’s done, you can start burnishing your floor using a dry floor burnisher, which looks like a small buffer with handles on each side of the machine where you hold them while moving back and forth over your freshly cleaned floor.

Burnishing concrete is polishing concrete to a smooth and glossy finish. The burnished surface can be achieved in-house with the right tools, or it can be done professionally by a company specializing in this type of work.

The benefits of hiring an expert for this job include:

  • The job will be performed correctly and with high-quality results.
  • There are no mistakes made when doing the burnishing such as getting dust everywhere.

Choose Ultra Grind for Burnished Concrete Floors

Ultra Grinding is Melbourne‘s leading provider of burnished concrete flooring. We provide various burnished floor solutions for indoor and outdoor use. We have been creating world-class polished concrete flooring for over 30 years, so if you’re interested in burnished concrete floors for your home or business, contact us today! 

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We’ll work with you to create the perfect burnished floors for your needs.