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Epoxy resin flooring, also known as an epoxy coating, is used to reinforce and strengthen floors’ quality. Epoxy floor coating provides several additional advantages, including resistance to chemicals, simplicity of maintenance, and enhanced durability.

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Your Local Epoxy Resin Specialists

Epoxy resin coating on floors provides excellent value regarding coverage length and depth. Ultra Grind is your local epoxy resin specialist. Our local epoxy resin floor specialists can help you find epoxy coatings for your floor in any colour.

Types of Epoxy Resin Floors

For industrial and commercial floors, epoxy resin flooring is becoming more popular. Several epoxy coatings may be used on floors, each optimised for a specific use.
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Standard Epoxy Resin Flooring

Standard epoxy resin floorings are concrete surfaces coated with an epoxy coating that lasts a very long time and is quite sturdy. It has five times the thickness of regular paint, is impervious to water, and is resistant to chemicals and abrasion.

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Epoxy Flake Resin Coating

Epoxy flake resin-coated floors are a relatively new development in textured ornamental epoxies. In this method, coloured vinyl chips are mixed with a base coat and spread over a concrete surface just before it cures. The result is a subtle but visually appealing texture that sits above your existing surface.

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Commercial Epoxy Resin

Due to its advantageous features, epoxy flooring is an excellent option for many commercial settings.

Here are some of its applications:

  • Installed in retail store lobbies, atriums, and showrooms
  • Use on industrial floors, covered walkways, garages, benchtops and porches.
  • Use in the medical and public service industries.

What is Epoxy Resin Flooring?

Many homes nowadays have floors made of epoxy resin, a durable and attractive material. It combines components to produce a resin surface that has been chemically hardened. This method creates a liquid-applied, seamless flooring system. Various resin flooring options are available, and they are all very long-lasting and sturdy.
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Why Get an Epoxy Resin Floor?

Ultra Grind’s epoxy floors have the correct levels of chemical resistance because we mix our different resins with suitable chemical hardeners. Resin flooring can withstand years of heavy traffic and cleaning, making it a good choice for many places.

Hard Wearing and Spillage Resistant

Epoxy resin flooring is resilient and resistant to severe chemicals. Depending on the system used, the materials used in resin flooring may survive years of heavy foot traffic.

Applies Directly Over Concrete

Due to their extreme durability, an epoxy floor is an excellent choice for concrete floors. Applying epoxy resins directly over your garage floor may save time and money.

Non-Slip Floor Covering

Epoxy resin flooring prevents slips and falls by offering a non-slip surface. In addition, the concrete floors will be safeguarded, which will make them long-lasting and simple to clean.

Why Choose Ultra Grind?

If you require an experienced epoxy flooring services company, go no further than Ultra Grind for assistance with installing your epoxy floor coatings. Our epoxy floor experts offer a comprehensive selection of services and products to meet any and all of your epoxy resin flooring needs.

Family Run and Owned

Since it opened in 2001, Ultra Grind, managed and owned by a family, has been able to provide epoxy flooring services to Melbourne and Bendigo property owners. Let the Ultra Grind experts install epoxy resin floors on your concrete floors for results that can't be beaten.

Decades of Professional Experience

Niall and Brett, the creators of Ultra Grind, have been installing epoxy resin floors in Melbourne homes and businesses for over three decades. If you want the finest epoxy resin floor solutions for commercial, industrial, or residential use, contact Ultra Grind.

Professional Quality Guarantee

Ultra Grind is committed to providing the highest quality epoxy resin flooring and installation services. Our epoxy resin floor professionals do the job for you is the most cost-effective option.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, epoxy resin floors and epoxy-coated floors are identical. Polymer resins and hardeners are what makeup epoxy flooring. After being laid on concrete, this material creates a surface that is at once shiny, smooth, resilient, and visually beautiful.
You can install epoxy floors in commercial, industrial, and outdoor areas. Putting an epoxy coating on high-traffic floors is popular since it creates a durable, slip-resistant surface that can sustain heavy loads.

Ultra Grind’s Installation of epoxy resin flooring entails polishing the surface with a diamond cutter, cleaning the floor with an industrial vacuum, priming the floor with epoxy, and utilising epoxy grout to cover any gaps.

The process continues with the application of the first layer of epoxy floor paint, followed by the completion of any necessary final sanding and filling. It takes 16 to 24 hours for the first coat to dry before the second may be applied. The finishing coat is applied as the last step.

Installing an epoxy resin floor in your Melbourne property requires spending money on floor preparation. The cost will be determined by the current state of your floor, the extent of the job, and the materials you’d want us to use. Contact Ultra Grind at 0409848386 to speak with an epoxy resin floor expert and get a free quotation.

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