Epoxy Flake Floor

Epoxy flake coating is an innovative, cutting-edge method of floor finishing or floor covering that combines a base coat with dried flakes or chips of paint, metal, or vinyl to produce a glossy, long-lasting, and colourful surface.

Leaders in Epoxy Flake Floor Installation

You should seek a high-quality epoxy flake floor with nonslip qualities if you want one that looks good. Using epoxy flakes to cover the whole foundation creates a uniform sheen that stands the test of time. When applied to a concrete floor, epoxy flake significantly increases the floor’s surface strength and load-bearing capability compared to uncoated concrete.

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A Complete Range of Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Epoxy flake floors aren’t the same as regular epoxy floors in terms of appearance. They may improve the look and feel of any room they’re installed in, making them a versatile burnished flooring option. Their versatility means they are an excellent fit for various settings and are resistant to water and wear. For professional installation of an epoxy flake floor and other epoxy flooring solutions, call Ultra Grind, Melbourne’s premier epoxy floor expert.

Residential Epoxy Flake Floors

Epoxy flake flooring has several benefits, including a broad selection of colours, patterns, and textures for the epoxy flake coating for outdoor and indoor areas. It’s also easy to maintain and aesthetically beautiful.

Commercial Epoxy Floors

If commercial floors are not properly polished, they may be hazardous, difficult to maintain, and seem uneven and unsightly. Ultra Grind’s commercial epoxy floorings are easy to maintain, beautiful, and meet health and safety inspection criteria.

Warehouse Epoxy Floors

Because of its exceptional versatility and nonslip properties, designers have started incorporating epoxy floors into their warehouse projects. Epoxy flakes may give it different colours, designs, and textures. The warehouse epoxy flooring can be stained to compliment an existing design while ensuring warehouse safety.

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What Are Epoxy Flake Floors?

Epoxy flake floors are created by sprinkling coloured polymer flake chips on top of a freshly placed epoxy primer, becoming permanently bonded with it enhancing the floor’s aesthetics, or they may be used to give visual interest to a polished concrete surface of a retail store.

Why Get an Epoxy Flake Floor?

Epoxy flake floors are ideal for commercial and industrial use because of their resistance to heat, fire, and slipping hazards. Regarding cleanliness and aesthetic appearance, nothing beats the decorative surface of a flake epoxy floor.
the best epoxy flake floors

Hard Wearing and Spillage Resistant

Epoxy flake resin flooring in business settings is strong enough to support heavy objects and foot traffic. Epoxy flake flooring is excellent for use in shops since it is resistant to moisture and spills.

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Applies Directly Over Concrete

Epoxy flake floors are an excellent option for safeguarding concrete floors because of their high strength, durability, and pleasing appearance. Epoxy flakes may be poured over an existing concrete floor.

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A Range of Great Designs

A large selection of textures and colours are available for epoxy flake flooring. There have been recent breakthroughs in decorative epoxies that have led to the creation of flake flooring. These floors provide both aesthetic impact and dimension.

Why Choose Ultra Grind?

Regarding kitchen epoxy flake flooring, no one in Melbourne can compete with Ultra Grind. We have a wide variety of epoxy flake coatings, so you can choose one that works for your flooring project.

Family Run and Owned

Ultra Grind is family owned and run, and has acquired a solid reputation as a leader in the epoxy flake flooring market. Since its founding in 2001, Ultra Grind has dominated the market for epoxy flake flooring installations.

Decades of Professional Experience

Since Ultra Grind's Niall and Brett have been working as a father-and-son team for 30 years, putting benchtop and kitchen flake flooring in homes, businesses, and factories is second nature.

Professional Quality Guarantee

Ultra Grind is committed to offering its customers the best quality epoxy flake flooring. Ultra Grind technicians are, in a word, perfectionists who care passionately about the satisfaction of their customers and who give their all to every job they do.

Frequently Asked Questions

We at Ultra Grind have 30 years of professional experience installing epoxy flooring in various settings, from private residences and commercial facilities to garages and showrooms.

The quick answer is yes, an epoxy flake floor cost more than regular epoxy floors. If you want to cover an area of 250 square feet with flakes, you’ll need 1 pound or more. Due to the absence of extra flakes/chips, regular epoxy is less expensive than epoxy flake flooring.

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