Epoxy Kitchen Floor

The flooring in a kitchen is one of the most crucial design elements. It’s a tough spot that demands top-notch looks and functionality. Your kitchen floor and the coatings you put on it to preserve it are likely to be well worth the time and money you put into maintaining them, what with the regular wear and tear from foot traffic, dirt, debris, and grinding appliances, as well as the inevitable spills.

Professional Epoxy Kitchen Floors

If you’re looking for an industrial, commercial kitchen epoxy floor coating, look for one with a high build and nonslip properties. Similarly, it should prevent the spread of microorganisms and scratches on the floor. Coating the entire cove base ensures a smooth, continuous finish.

epoxy kitchen floor

Epoxy Kitchen Floor Services

Epoxy kitchen flooring is both safe and easy to clean. Proper installations can prolong its useful life. Epoxy floors are perfect for residential and commercial kitchens and outdoor dining areas. For professional installation of an epoxy kitchen floor, call Ultra Grind, Melbourne, and Bendigo’s premier epoxy kitchen floor expert.

Residential Epoxy Kitchen

There are several potential advantages to installing epoxy flooring in your kitchen, including the availability of a wide variety of colours, styles, and textures for the epoxy coating. An additional safety aspect of epoxy flooring is that it is simple to clean.

Commercial Epoxy Kitchen Floors

If kitchen floors aren’t finished properly, cleaning them will be a costly and time-consuming hassle. Ultra Grind’s commercial epoxy kitchen floorings are simple to maintain, spotless and in compliance with health and safety inspection standards.

Epoxy Flooring Design

Because of its exceptional versatility, designers have started incorporating epoxy floors into their projects. A layer of paint or sealer may give it different colours and textures. Similarly, the flooring may be stained to complement an existing design.
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What Are Epoxy Kitchen Floors?

Epoxy kitchen flooring is a synthetic resin floor system often used to provide protection and aesthetic enhancement to kitchen concrete subfloors.

Why Get an Epoxy Floor?

Epoxy floor coatings are ideal for commercial kitchens because of their resistance to heat, fire, and slipping hazards. When it comes to cleanliness, nothing beats the flawless, smooth surface of the epoxy.

Burnished Concrete Floors

Hard Wearing and Spillage Resistant

Epoxy flooring can endure large weights, heavy machinery, and intense foot activity in a commercial kitchen. Since epoxy flooring can withstand some moisture and spills, it’s an excellent choice for use in kitchens.
best epoxy kitchen floors

Applies Directly Over Concrete

Due to its exceptional strength and durability, epoxy is an excellent choice for protecting concrete surfaces. It is possible to pour some epoxy mixtures straight over previously poured concrete. They are really cheap.

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Non-Slip Floor Covering

Maintaining a safe and effective work environment in the kitchen is of paramount importance. Epoxy flooring in the kitchen is safe to walk on and resistant to damage from spills and stains.

Why Choose Ultra Grind?

Regarding Melbourne, no one does kitchen epoxy flooring like Ultra Grind. You may choose from many different types of epoxy coating that we have to fulfil your specific requirements for your kitchen.

Family Run and Owned

Kitchen epoxy flooring is a speciality for Ultra Grind, and the company has built a solid reputation because of its unyielding dedication to quality and clear vision. Since its founding in 2001, Ultra Grind has been universally recognised as the gold standard for kitchen epoxy flooring.

Decades of Professional Experience

Niall and Brett of Ultra Grind have been working together as a father-and-son duo since the business was founded. Together, they have more than 30 yearsof experience, installing kitchen epoxy floors on residentialand commercial kitchens is second nature to them.

Professional Quality Guarantee

Ultra Grind is dedicated to providing its clients with the best epoxy flooring materials available for kitchens. In other words, Ultra Grind technicians are perfectionists who are dedicated to exceptional work and care deeply about satisfying their clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy belongs to the class of chemicals known as polymers, which are characterised by having large molecules made up of repeated subunits.
Epoxy coatings come in a wide variety of sheens, textures, and colours. The shiny surface of the gloss finish reflects light. The textured matte surface prevents you from sliding around. Flake floors and floors with metallic epoxy coating are modern developments in ornamental epoxies that offer visual interest and texture.
The installation cost of epoxy flooring is often lower than that of tile. This, however, is subject to change based on the specifics of the flooring itself, as well as the qualities and finishes of the items. Please contact Ultra Grind for a no-obligation quote.
Tile floors may be covered with epoxy, or the tiles can be removed and replaced. A tiled kitchen floor is more susceptible to water damage and broken tiles, but a good epoxy coating might make them endure longer.

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