Polished Concrete Benchtops, Fire Hearths & Furniture

Learning the craft from one of the world’s leading concrete artists Cheng Design, we have developed our own processes and can accommodate large- or small-scale projects.

From in situ or in our factory, concrete has been enjoyed by interior designers and architects alike in recent years. With our customised techniques working in consultation with a designer, the end product can be truly stunning.

Whether you’re after strong, bold lines or something refined, Ultra Grind will work to customise a solution for your design requirements.

Transform Your Interiors

Polished concrete benchtops, fire hearths and furniture are now hallmarks of modern home design, having steadily gaining in popularity over the past twenty years. As far as design statements go, nothing says it clearer or stronger than concrete does.

From bringing out the textured feel of concrete to mimicking the look of quartz, granite or marble, we are your local experts in using concrete in home and office.

From kitchens to bathrooms, polished concrete benchtops have become an exquisite and eye-catching accent piece. Concrete brings a raw energy that few materials can match and can add a surprising warmth to a space. Combined with the right choices of decor, concrete benchtops can transform the interior design of a home or office space.

If you’re looking for the experts in concrete interior design, with the years of experience to deliver the exact look you’ve always wanted for your space, contact us at Ultra Grind today.

Concrete for Kitchen Benchtops

Whether your kitchen’s aesthetic ranges from rustic to industrial, you’ll feel right at home with polished concrete kitchen benchtops in Melbourne homes. The texture of concrete makes it a valuable addition to any kitchen space.

Durable like few other materials, polished concrete benchtops can service busy kitchens like a workhorse, without ever dropping the ball on the aesthetic front. Concrete benchtops are also highly customisable, as they can be made to fit kitchens of any size of shape.

Versatile and beautiful, polished concrete benchtops can be customised to suit the exact look you need to bring your kitchens, bathrooms and interiors to life. If you want the solidity and look of granite or marble, without having to fork out for the price tag, it’s hard to do better than concrete.

Here at Ultra Grind, we have years of experience in setting polished concrete kitchen benchtops in Melbourne homes.

The Leaders in Polished Concrete Benchtops

Concrete first made its mark in brutalist architectural styles, but has since expanded to become a staple of modern and minimalist homes.

Concrete can feel as warm or industrial as you like, so if you’re feeling creative, reach out to our team to talk about how to bring your dreams into reality.

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