Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial epoxy flooring is popular in industrial buildings because it provides the most adaptability. Epoxy resin not only provides excellent hardness and protection in a variety of colors, but it also has a long lifespan with relatively low maintenance requirements. Epoxy coatings greatly increase surface strength and can support more weight than plain concrete surfaces.

Our Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial epoxy flooring has been a popular choice among Australian property owners due to its exceptional strength, durability, and sustainability. When it comes to finding the greatest commercial epoxy flooring solutions, our team has you covered. Ultra Grind provides superior epoxy flooring that will keep your concrete surfaces looking gleaming all year. Get in touch with us to get started with your ideal flooring solution today!
commercial epoxy flooring

A Full Selection of Epoxy Flooring Options

Epoxy may be one of the most durable flooring alternatives, depending on installation quality. With proper maintenance, an epoxy floor coating can endure for decades in a home setting, but in commercial and industrial settings, a recoating or touch-up is generally required after 3-5 years. Ultra Grind provides a comprehensive selection of epoxy flake flooring solutions for many homes and businesses in Melbourne.

Industrial Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coatings are one of the most versatile coating solutions for industrial applications. An epoxy floor requires little maintenance and is extremely durable. Because they are waterproof and can withstand high stress, these exceptional chemical coatings are ideal for use in industrial environments.

Factory Epoxy Floors

Ultra Concrete Grinding’s custom flooring solutions are the only way to address the unique problems that each factory faces. Industrial epoxies improve the appearance of facilities while also improving worker health and safety.

Warehouse Epoxy Floors

Like many other design and technical choices, the site conditions play a crucial role in identifying the optimal flooring solution. For instance, warehouses and other storage facilities require strong, slick epoxy flooring from Ultra Grind that can handle high foot traffic and cleaning agents without losing its sheen.
our commercial epoxy flooring

Professional Grade Epoxy Flooring

In terms of home flooring applications and professional-grade epoxy, Ultra Grind is considered a pioneer. Because of our in-depth knowledge, ongoing partnerships with, and assistance from Australia’s top machinery and coating manufacturers, we have access to all materials required and are constantly updated on cutting-edge technological tools and procedures. This enables us to provide you with unparalleled customer service and craftsmanship. 

We have experience in offering epoxy floor coatings, including solvent-based, water-based, and Green Star/low VOC coatings, and we can offer a flooring option that is suitable for most commercial properties.

Why Install Commercial Epoxy Flooring?

Because of its longevity, resistance to scratches, and convenience of cleaning, epoxy is frequently used as a flooring material in commercial facilities with heavy foot traffic and mechanical activity. Ultra Grind is the go-to provider for commercial flooring installations in Melbourne, and we offer a comprehensive range of flooring options and epoxy coatings or treatments.
non slip and long lasting

Non-slip and Long-lasting

A properly sealed epoxy floor can withstand heavy use without wear and tear. Non-slip epoxy coatings provide anti-slip and safety in high-traffic industrial locations, including factories, warehouses, outdoors, and other commercial facilities.
applies directly over concrete

Applies Directly Over Concrete

Epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for use on concrete floors in industrial settings due to its low cost, high strength and durability, and long service life. What’s more, epoxy coatings can be applied directly to a concrete floor with ease.
resistant to moisture and chemicals

Resistant to Moisture and Chemicals

Because they are resistant to chemicals and spill clean-up, epoxy floors are excellent for use in plants, workrooms, and storage areas. To keep your concrete facilities safe and dry, our team can help you install epoxy flooring tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Ultra Grind?

Nobody does commercial epoxy flooring better than Ultra Grind, the leading provider of epoxy floor solutions in Melbourne. For your commercial flooring, you can select from a range of epoxy surface treatments to suit your specific flooring requirements.

Family-owned and Operated

Ultra Grind is a family-owned company that is widely regarded as the best commercial epoxy flooring option throughout Melbourne.

Professional Experience for Decades

Niall and Brett, Ultra Grind’s father-and-son team, have been working together for more than three decades. With such experience and skills, laying epoxy flooring on commercial buildings comes naturally to them.

Guaranteed Professional Quality

For commercial applications, Ultra Grind is dedicated to offering its clients the best epoxy flooring products available. To put it differently, the Ultra Grind technicians are fervent perfectionists who prioritize client satisfaction above all else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy floors provide various advantages over standard concrete surfaces, including the ability to produce a bright surface that can significantly enhance interior spaces.
Yes, the epoxy coatings we use for our industrial, commercial, and residential floors at Ultra Grind are solvent-free, making them safer for workers and healthier for the environment.
The price may change based on the flooring’s requirements as well as the quality and finish of the floors. For an estimate, feel free to get in touch with our team.
Yes, Ultra Grind is able to provide this service. Before adding a fresh layer of epoxy, we will start by removing the old floor coating.

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