Polished Concrete Floors Have Never Looked So Good


An exquisite surface, Ultra Floor is our very own premium polished concrete floors by Ultra Grind. They’re the most durable, low-maintenance, seamless, allergy-free floor option in today’s market.

Ultra Floor is an ideal concrete grinding solution, delivering sleek polished concrete floors IN Melbourne and Bendigo. We service homes, offices, factories, showrooms and-high traffic areas. Created with the latest technology and tooling in the industry to provide a high-gloss, mirror-like finish or a more relaxed satin finish to your concrete floors, Ultra Floor is the cutting edge in concrete grinding technology.

You’ll enjoy the stunning quality and durability of polished concrete floors for years to come as it won’t require re-sealing for up to 15 years. Ultra Floor is flexible enough to meet the needs of all domestic, commercial and industrial flooring applications. Our polished concrete floors are:

  • Visually stunning
  • Perfect for high traffic areas
  • Allergy friendly
  • Highly durable and scratch resistant
  • Low-maintance, easy to clean
  • Long term finish, with no need to re-seal for up to 15 years!

Concrete Floors for Modern Homes

Cosy, beautiful, low-maintenance and long-lasting – the right polished concrete floors can transform what it means to be in an interior space.

Concrete floors have become a key feature in many modern homes. They can act as an amazing thermal sink, helping to keep temperatures stable so you’re always comfortable in your home or office, across the seasons of the year. Durable and reliable, they also won’t chip or crack the way tiles can.

With Ultra Floor, you can have premium polished concrete floors at a cost you can afford. For the highest quality of commercial and residential polished concrete floors, reach out to the team at Ultra Grind today.

Burnished Concrete, Stunning Flooring

Go the extra step with a burnished concrete floor. For a smooth and seamless finish, nothing beats the glossy sheen of a burnished concrete seal.

There’s more to it than just aesthetics. Easy to install and even easier to maintain, burnished concrete protects the flooring from stains and spills, and offers the same durability as traditional polished concrete floors.

For beautiful flooring that’ll bring your interior spaces to life, ask our team about our Ultra Floor premium flooring. We have a keen eye for detail and won’t deliver anything less than flawless. Stunning, durable and cost-effective, we offer the best solutions for modern homes and offices in Melbourne and Bendigo.

Get in Touch with Ultra Grind

If you’re ready to transform your interiors with Ultra Floor polished concrete floors, reach out to our team today.

As industry-leading professionals who have been setting commercial and residential polished concrete floors for years, we know how to deliver your flooring to a perfect finish.