Epoxy Floor Coating Solutions

Rapidly gaining in popularity, epoxy floor coating are a whole new approach to flooring. As a finishing layer of resin to seal in concrete floors, concrete epoxy coating gives you all the benefits of concrete flooring while leaving a smooth and aesthetic surface that you can be proud to have in your home.

From the garage to the kitchen, choose epoxy flooring in Melbourne and Bendigo with Ultra Grind today.

Concrete and Epoxy

Concrete epoxy coating is a seamless combination of resin and concrete, to deliver the best of both worlds for your interior design.

To create an epoxy floor coating, a concrete floor is set and smoothened, and a resin mixture is applied over the surface of the concrete in layers. As the resin hardens into a finished covering layer, it creates a durable surface that is robust to wear and tear and resistant to stains and spills – designed to last the years with minial maintenance needs.

Epoxy garage floor coating is especially well-suited for bearing heavy loans without ever leaving a sign that the weight was there. Epoxy resin originally become popular on factory floors, carrying heavy loads and equipment while maintaining a safe working surface for people.

Branching out from their original use cases in garage floors and industrial spaces, epoxy resin is increasingly being used in interior spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and office spaces.

Epoxy for Interiors

Glossy, classy, sleek and smooth, there’s much that a epoxy floor coating has to offer in the home and office. Its bright aesthetic can be used to freshen up any type of interior space.

If you want your interior space to look like it’s paved with marble, with flooring as durable and low-maintenance as concrete, while still keeping a smooth and safe surface for your family or commercial environment – then what you’re after is concrete epoxy coating.

With the versatility of how exposy resin can be applied, epoxy floors can range from being unobtrusively in the background to a vibrant surface that adds energy to the room. For any style of interior decor, there’s a type of epoxy flooring that can be made to match.

With all of these benefits and more, it’s hard to turn down epoxy floor coating, which explains why you’re seeing them more and more in people’s homes and businesses.

Epoxy Flooring in Melbourne

Epoxy flooring is safe and non-slip, durable and resistant to damage, easy to clean and maintain, and delivers all of these benefits while staying affordable. It also keeps your flooring needs simple, as it’s easy to concrete over old flooring and apply the fresh epoxy resin finish on top.

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